Friday, March 24, 2006

"Calm Before The Storm"

The "tourist season" will soon open. Though more people are realizing that the Fall and Winter are wonderful times to visit the Outer Banks, what locals refer to as the tourist season traditionally kicks off at Easter, and runs through Labor Day. Retail shops, amusement attractions, and restaurants will soon be fully operational and ready for the big influx of customers. This is the time of year when "cottage" owners are here to get their vacation homes cleaned, spruced up, and re-opened for the busy rental season. It is also the time of year when locals can enjoy the last weeks of relatively calm and quiet before the hundreds of thousands of vacationers arrive for their time in the sun and surf.

The picture above is the sunset in Duck, taken from the deck of the Duck's General Store and The Blue Point. The mallard ducks are also enjoying the quiet time and calm, sound waters.

(Note: Mouse over Duck's General Store or The Blue Point to connect to their websites)


Anonymous Paul Sutherland said...


Good stuff and good work on your part.

I read the Sentinel on line today and note the article about the story in National Geographic that says in effect "the OB is losing it and beginning to look more and more like Myrtle Beach". That is sad and I am glad that we are not there to watch it continue to happen.

The move to the mountains was a great one for us. We are loving life and having a ball. Leave for San Diego on the 15th for a long cruise down the Mexican coast, returning here on the 3rd of May.

Would you believe that I am more busy than ever. Serving on several boards and even as chairman of the Columbus FD.

Hope to see you one of these days soon but have no plans to come back to the OB in the immediate future. Don't have any plans to get back into politics either but never say never!

Keep up the good work!


2:46 PM  

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