Friday, March 17, 2006

Hilton Garden Inn -- Kitty Hawk

Gone are the days of the Kitty Hawk Pier! In 2000, a new luxury hotel was to be built at the site of the Kitty Hawk Pier. After the 9-11 attack in NYC and Washington, DC, the hotel investors announced they would not go forward with their plans to build the oceanfront hotel. Questions then arose as to what would happen to the Kitty Hawk Pier, particularly after the pier was severely damaged during a hurricane.Then, last year, Sterling Webster (owner of the Ramada Inn, KDH) announced that he and a group of investors planned to build a new luxury hotel, Hilton Garden Inn. To make the project viable, they sought a higher height limit from the Town of Kitty Hawk, which was approved. Some people question whether this will be the first of new "high rise" hotels or condos to be built in Kitty Hawk. The Hilton Garden Inn is scheduled to open in early Summer of this year.


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