Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Blue Point Bar and Grille re-opened June 19 after nearly 8 months of adding on and renovating the 15 year old restaurant. A real challenge for John and Sam was to create a new, fresh, upscale feel, while at the same time maintaining the casual, diner-like charm of the original Blue Point. They did a fantastic job of doing just that. Immediately, as you enter the front door of The Blue Point, you know you have entered into a unique place on the Outer Banks. The ambiance is upscale, while being tempered by the "old" Blue Point with the bright red seats, checkerboard tile floor, and the smiles on the friendly faces of long time staff.

The Blue Point is a place of "The Best . . . "; the best views, the best food, the best service, and the best staff. Very quickly, reservations filled up. It is highly recommended that reservations be made a few weeks in advance.

There is something very special about a restaurant when people come to the Outer Banks for a week's vacation, and their dinner reservations every night is at The Blue Point. I have met several people that do just that.

Congratulations to Sam and John . . . and Nancy, and the whole Blue Point staff that worked so hard to create such a wonderful place on the Outer Banks. Your dedication to this project has really paid off.